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A to Z Challenge: A is for …

So, I’ve challenged myself to write a thematic post for each letter of the alphabet. Shouldn’t be so hard, eh? Think again! The difficulty, you see, is not in writing a post — or twenty-six of them, for that matter. … Continue reading

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I Challenge Myself to an Alphabet of Posts

Do you ever find something in which you would have liked to participate but it’s just too late? It doesn’t happen to me often, but when it does, it’s frustrating! Especially when it’s something that would have been different and … Continue reading

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A Versatile Blogger?! Moi?! Why, Thank You!

Several weeks ago, fellow blogger Ann surprised me when she presented me with The Versatile Blogger Award.  I say “surprised” because I haven’t been blogging for long and, even more so, because I’ve viewed some wonderful blogs that bore The … Continue reading

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How to Spring Clean Your Blog!

Check it out! We’ve done some spring cleaning and redecorating Chez the Hermudgeon.  I read numerous other blogs, many of them written by authors, and for some time now I’ve felt the need to give ye olde homestead a more … Continue reading

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Blogging by the Campfire

Last night, after doing a bit of blog-jumping to follow up on posts and view similar threads of discussions, I began thinking about the phenomenon of blogging and the reason for its popularity today. While pondering, as I am wont … Continue reading

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