How to Spring Clean Your Blog!

Check it out! We’ve done some spring cleaning and redecorating Chez the Hermudgeon.  I read numerous other blogs, many of them written by authors, and for some time now I’ve felt the need to give ye olde homestead a more “authorly” look.  My apologies, by the way, to those in more-northern climes, for using the word “spring”; the weather here in Florida is spring-like these days!

So, for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been laboring ’til odd hours of the night to make changes.  First, the “theme” has changed, from WordPress’ “Koi” to their “Twenty Ten.”  Just picking a new theme took at least a week. No exaggeration! Then again, I’ve previously admitted to being an office-supply-store junkie, so I consider (and reconsider) themes the same way that I consider (and reconsider) a purchase of stationery.  It takes time!

Next, but not quite so labor-intensive, was the choice of .jpg for my header.  That I found when I did a recent post entitled “Love a Writer Day.” It was love at first sight!  I must confess that despite the lovely header picture, I really don’t write with a fine, quill pen and ink.  I have trouble writing with a ballpoint pen, much less trying to form something legible with a quill tip.  This writer is 99.9% computerized and whenever I have to use penmanship it causes me great distress.

After choosing the header, we also changed the blog name just a bit.  Then, we added a “Categories” widget.  But that came only after two e-mails back and forth with the trusty WordPress and reading about a gazillion pages on the Help Forum.  I was terrified that I’d do something wrong that would make all my old posts disappear into the blogosphere.  Thankfully, that didn’t happen, and the “Categories” widget nicely pulls all of my posts into all of the categories with which they’re labeled.  Love it!

We also added a “Tag Cloud,” just because it was there and easy to do.  And we cleaned up the links for “The KH’s Favorite Blogs” and added a bunch of blogs that we regularly read but that weren’t listed.

Finally, we added the nifty “Share” button that you see beneath each post. Simply click on it, and you can share each and every one of our delightful posts on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and all manner of social media! Cool, huh? (Be sure to share, please, and to comment! We thrive on comments.)

The really exciting news is that we’ll begin a new feature this week.  Each Wednesday, I’ll be posting the responses to an “ask the author” question I send out to author friends.  The answers will appear in “The E-Pub PUB” together with information about the author(s) and their books.

The answers to the weekly question will be from “Indie-published” authors who may have been published “traditionally,” but who now also have used the e-publishing route.  E-publishing presents not only opportunities but challenges to both readers and authors as the reading and writing world acclimates to its enlarging electronic frontier.  We look forward to exploring the world of e-publishing with you and to sharing all of the knowledge and information the authors have to offer!

Now that my spring cleaning is all done, I can (hopefully) get back to my WIPs that have been, lamentably, ignored a bit during the past two weeks 🙂  Take a tour and look around.  If you like what you see, please leave us a comment! We’ll take suggestions, too 😉

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10 Responses to How to Spring Clean Your Blog!

  1. Archon's Den says:

    Love what you’ve done with the old place! Unlike Sara Palin putting lipstick on her pet pig, here, the real beauty is inside the front door.
    My problem progresses. More elephant mating. I saw the Neurologist, vaguely. Nothing in facial X-rays. His office called about an hour ago, nothing in the cranial MRI. Appointment for Spinal Tap (OUCH) scheduled for Feb. 17. Appointment for follow-up visit scheduled for Feb. 24. Blurriness seems to be reducing on its own. By the time he gets around to prescribing anti-inflammatory, it will probably have resolved itself.
    One way or another, I will be able to see my way clear to continue to amuse and harrass you.

    • cwc6161 says:

      LOL I’m so very glad that I rate higher with you than Ms. Palin. To say I detest that woman would be a gross understatement! So, thank you 🙂
      Arf. On the other hand, I’m NOT glad to hear that your problem progresses:( Hopefully, things will make a turnaround so you’re not subjected to that ouchie! I’m sending positive, healing thoughts your way, Arch, and I look forward to the day that we’re up to amusing and harassing one another in earnest again!

  2. looks spiffy! Maybe you should publish a book Zen and the Art of Blog Maintenance.

  3. Lynne Favreau says:

    We’re feeling the spring in our steps here in NE Mass. No snow on the ground and it’ll be in the 50’s Wednesday. The new look is very nice, apropos of a bygone era, alluding to a writer with a past. Feeling a little romantic or nostalgic Candice? Good clean look, easy to read, and navigate. What more could you want?

    • cwc6161 says:

      50’s?! You’ll only be about 15 degrees less than here! Strange, huh? I hope you’re taking full advantage of it while you can! hmmmm a writer “with a past.” Not so sure I should answer that one 😉 But, yeah, a romantic I am, so there you have it. The only thing for which I get nostalgic is for the prices of says gone by and I’m afraid even strong nostalgia won’t bring those back. Glad you like my new look. HGTV wasn’t available, so it’s the best I could do!

  4. ClaireMcA says:

    Ooohh, flamingo pink, I love it! Spring or at least a reminder of it is definitely in the air, I’ve even been tempted to clean windows, one of my french friends almost (out of season) agreeing with me, until adding, though I think I will wait till March.

    • cwc6161 says:

      🙂 Kinda “girlie,” isn’t it? Glad you like it! Spring is in the air, but one of *my* French friends on FB was saying just last night that it’s supposed to get C O L D in southeast France this week (someone was asking her about shopping in Aix-en-Provence). I think I’ll stick with our local weather for a while yet, too.

      • ClaireMcA says:

        Well I can tell you it snowed in Aix en Provence yesterday, there weren’t many shoppers out, but I was out there all day, knowing it wouldn’t last and it’s true, this morning there’s not a trace. Blame it on a cold snap in Siberia.

      • cwc6161 says:

        Leave it to the Russians, eh, Claire? 😉

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