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Air Cancer Flight 102: C is for …

We visited with Nurse Angel Ann “Witchy Woman” June 12 for our pre-chemo blood draw which went uneventfully, as usual, except for Ann doing the draw in a different room then asking that I go weigh my own self in … Continue reading

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Captain! Do Something About This Turbulence!

When last we blogged about Air Cancer Flight 102, we were dealing with scheduling problems.  The Gemzar proposed by Wonder Doc during January for our new chemo regimen wasn’t being exactly cooperative. Thankfully, my proposed two weeks on chemo/one week … Continue reading

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The E-Pub PUB Interviews Author Who Claims “That Bear Ate My Pants!

Welcome to our weekly feature, The E-Pub  Information from both the author’s and the reader’s points of view concerning the publishing frontier known as e-publishing.   Our guest this week is Tony James Slater, the author of “That Bear Ate My … Continue reading

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Oh, Cr*p! What’s she up to now?? F.I.N.D. Out!

My Facebook friend, Tanya Trout-Bainbridge was the inspiration for this post. She left a post on FB that said, “When I get old I don’t want people thinking ‘What a sweet little old lady,’ I want ’em saying ‘Oh Cr*p! … Continue reading

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Air Cancer Flight 102: Fun and Games with Nurse Needle

We thought, Doc Swanson (a.k.a. Wonder Doc) and I, that Flight 102 had made it through the turbulence and that there would be smooth sailing ahead for awhile. After an aborted flight or two, Doc amended my chemo orders to … Continue reading

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5 Fun Ways to Deal with Creditors

I’m not quite sure how to categorize this post. It feels as though it should be a “rant” or a “complaint,” but I’m neither ranting or complaining! For ease of reference, I guess we’ll call it a rant anyway, Dear … Continue reading

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5 Best Ways to Kick Cancer’s Ass

Often, I’m told that I have “such a good attitude” when it comes to dealing with my ongoing, er, relationship with cancer. Perhaps I do, but I dunno — it’s no different to me than how I deal with most … Continue reading

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