A Versatile Blogger?! Moi?! Why, Thank You!

Several weeks ago, fellow blogger Ann surprised me when she presented me with The Versatile Blogger Award.  I say “surprised” because I haven’t been blogging for long and, even more so, because I’ve viewed some wonderful blogs that bore The Versatile Blogger Award badge.  For example, Ann’s blog, I Have the Perfect Life, immediately hit home with me when I first read it, and it continues to be one of those blogs that says, “You’re not alone in surviving that roller coaster!” So, a big thank you to Ann 🙂

The Rules, when you accept the award, are simple:

  • Thank the award-giver and link back to their blog in your post.
  • Share seven things about yourself.
  • Pass this award along to fifteen blogs you enjoy reading.
  • Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.
  • There is no deadline for responding, although I would imagine that being “fairly prompt” would be the polite thing to do 🙂

So, having thanked Ann (thanks again, Ann!), on to seven things about me…. Hmmmm <sound of fingers drumming on desktop … > 

1. There’s not too much that I’m afraid of, but I’m absolutely terrified of heights. The strange thing is, this fear has done nothing but get worse, for no reason at all, as I’ve gotten older. I’ve never, ever had a fall from some great height, so I have no clue about the origins of my fear. Sadly, it has kept me from experiencing some wonderful things. I was fortunate enough to once  earn an all-expenses-paid trip to Hawaii. Due to a hotel reservation screw-up, I ended up in their penthouse suite where the balcony had a view of both Waikiki Beach and Diamondhead. I couldn’t set one foot out on that balcony:( Stupider still is the fact that I adore roller coasters. Go figure!

2. Speaking of traveling, I’m fortunate enough to have visited ten countries: England, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Austria, New Zealand, Australia, The Bahamas, U.S. and British Virgin Islands (that probably should count for two, not one), Puerto Rico and Mexico, and I lived in Germany for two years.

3. I’m fluent in both written and spoken French. I also harbor the belief that, in a prior life, I was born in France several centuries ago. We’ll leave that discussion for another time 🙂

4. I cry at the drop of a hat. But, let’s clarify that. I cry over stupid stuff: Someone singing a beautiful rendition of The Star Spangled Banner; Someone winning an award — at the Olympics or on “Dancing with the Stars” — doesn’t matter, I mist up; Movies — omg, I used to embarrass my poor daughter regularly lol!

Now, do I cry over serious stuff? No! “You have Stage 3 cancer.” Ok, fine. “We thought it only needed an adjustment, but you need a whole, new transmission.” Ok, thank you. What will it cost? Somewhere there must be a shrink who can explain this dichotomy of reactions! Please come forward, Sir or Madam….

5. I am an internet junkie. If it has anything to do with Google searches, blogging, Facebook, chatting — back in the day, web pages, learning HTML (and no, I haven’t, yet!), whatever … I love it!

6. My driving record is excellent. I probably shouldn’t put this into writing for fear of jinxing myself and because it also is a sure give-away to my age. My learner’s permit was issued during 1964 and my Florida Driver’s License during 1965. During that time, I’ve had: one accident that was my fault but, thank God, no serious injuries; one speeding ticket; a couple of parking tickets back in my college days at Tallahassee where it’s utterly impossible to find a parking space anywhere; and one ticket, actually only a warning, for a burned-out tail light.

7. I’ve met and shook hands/conversed with: Eva Gabor, Danny Thomas, Marlo Thomas, Marcel Marceau, and Dave (Wendy’s Restaurants) Thomas. Again, we’ll leave details to another post, but isn’t it weird that three of my “celebrity encounters” have been with people named “Thomas,” only two of whom are related? 

So, there ya go. That wasn’t too painful for me, although I’ll admit that I purposefully avoided the more embarrassing things 😉

Now, on to my nominees! Fifteen really is a large number of nominees and, out of respect for the award, I don’t want to nominate just any-old-blog! I also have a bit of a rebellious streak, so I’m listing only ten nominees.  These fellow bloggers all are worthy of some kind of reward, if only for making me laugh … and sometmes even think … on a regular basis.

So, without further delay — drum roll, please! — I hereby nominate the blogs listed below for The Versatile Blogger Award. Please drop by, check them out, and leave a word of encouragement. Bloggers love comments!

Archon’s Den — Arch makes his home somewhere in the frozen tundra known as “Canada.” He has quite a lot to say on many subjects.   We “met” after both stumbled onto Brain Rants’ blog.

Author Piper Bayard — Piper is one of my idols and also has declared her candidacy for President together with running mate Kristen Lamb.

Bette Lee Crosby Books & Inspirational Stories — Bette, who I’m fortunate enough to know in real life, is a published author. You’ll always find interesting book reviews and stories on Bette’s blog.

Brain Rants — In his everyday life, Brain is a military man. He also is a very opinionated so-and-so who has something to say about lots of stuff. He also hates awards, so this will annoy him, I’m sure 😉

Caorthine reminds me of my much-younger self in many respects and she shares my love of books, cats, and tea.

Dr. Cranquis’ Mumbled Gripes A real-life urgent care physician, this Doc recounts side-splittingly hilarious tales from his workplace. He has amassed a huge, adoring group of followers. You should join them!

Raising My Rainbow A parent talks about raising a “slightly effeminate, possibly gay, totally fabulous son” in this delightful, down-to-earth blog that could teach all parents some things 🙂

The Words of Danny Kemp — Danny is a Facebook friend and a delightful Brit who is a licensed Black Cab driver in and around the London area as well as a writer. Don’t miss “A View from the Cab.”

Type AJ Negative — A horror-ble blog by a most-prolific horror writer and Southern boy named A. J. Brown who lets blood reviews writers and blogs about other horrific happenings.

Word by Word is a beautiful blog due to both its textual and its photographic elements. Claire McAlpine blogs about books and culture from her current home in the south of France.

There you have it! The official list. Now, please, pretty please go forth and read these great blogs and drop ’em a word of congrats!

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14 Responses to A Versatile Blogger?! Moi?! Why, Thank You!

  1. Archon's Den says:

    Thanx so much for the shout-out. I like to think I have little ego to feed, but a few more readers would help keep me warm up here on the tundra. I just listened to Billy Joel’s Alexa’s Lullaby and The Down-Easter Alexa, the first, about his daughter, the other about the plight of Long Island fishermen. Both had me teared up.

    • cwc6161 says:

      You’re very welcome, Arch! Believe me, it’s well-deserved 🙂 Ah yes, Billy Joel…. He has a knack for words, that one does. Several of his make me tear up, too!

  2. Pingback: The Versatile Blogger Award… and the Nominations Are… « Type AJ Negative

  3. edrevets says:

    I have a theory that one day we’ll be inside the internet.

  4. Once more Candice a delightful read, and thank you … I’m dumbstruck. astonished and, for once, lost for words other than ..Clever.(You I mean)

  5. ClaireMcA says:

    Totally deserved, always love reading your blog and sharing your journey, thanks for the kind gesture in return. Bonne continuation!

  6. BrainRants says:

    Thank you for the nomination. Against the other nominees, I feel like an amateur.

    • cwc6161 says:

      Bluster and rants aside, you have some wonderful humanitarian qualities. The number of your followers attests to how well you are loved. You’re very welcome 🙂

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