I Challenge Myself to an Alphabet of Posts

Do you ever find something in which you would have liked to participate but it’s just too late? It doesn’t happen to me often, but when it does, it’s frustrating! Especially when it’s something that would have been different and fun and a challenge — I love challenges!

I also enjoy anything and everything that helps me to stretch my writer’s muscles — to write about topics new to me or to take on topics from a different viewpoint. This is a great way, for me at least, to clear the cobwebs in my writer’s attic and to step away from a work in progress in order to allow it to percolate on its own for awhile. When I return to the WIP, I’m refreshed and raring to go again!

So it was recently when I read a friend’s blog post and learned that she was participating in something called the “Blogging from A to Z Challenge-April 2012.” The trouble was, I read her post on April 22, long after the start of the event and way too far into it to even think about participating this year. Alas and alack 😦

Never one to give up, however, I decided that I can, by gosh, participate by challenging myself! The rules are simple: the blogger must blog thematically by using the “letter of the day” and write a blog post of at least 100 words. (Those who follow this blog will undoubtedly snicker at the required length. My tendency to verbosity is well-known!)

And so — drum roll, please! — I officially challenge myself to commence writing posts for each and every letter of the alphabet. I promise to write a post for each letter, in order, of at least 100 words and to try to make each post as different and inventive as possible. If you, Dear Reader, have an affinity for a particular letter of the alphabet or a particular topic, by all means get your request in now! Blogging begins officially tomorrow — or maybe the next day 🙂 (Notice I said nothing about how long this should take!)

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14 Responses to I Challenge Myself to an Alphabet of Posts

  1. Jeff Swesky says:

    Cool idea, Candice! I may have to try this myself. Especially since I often struggle for ideas to blog about. Nothing beats a little ol’ prompt to spark the brain cells!

  2. ronfritsch says:

    I’m looking forward to your posts, Candice. Bring ’em on.

  3. Candice- love this idea – leave it up to you to come up with something so clever as doing on your own time. Here;s your first challenge – it’s the letter B and the word….drumroll….BOOKS! I’ll be waiting and watching. 🙂

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