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5 Best Ways to Kick Cancer’s Ass

Often, I’m told that I have “such a good attitude” when it comes to dealing with my ongoing, er, relationship with cancer. Perhaps I do, but I dunno — it’s no different to me than how I deal with most … Continue reading

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A Tisket, A Tasket, I’ll Pick My Own Damn Casket

A fellow cancer journeyer and I have been discussing funerals or, to be more precise, “final arrangements.” It’s not that we’re morbid ladies, but the subject came up and we shared our thoughts. We both agreed, without hesitation, that a … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day: The Pandora’s Box of Holidays

Ah, yes. February 14 is, once again, upon us.  Every retail outlet in the country, and probably in the majority of the free world, is festooned with pink and red. Cupids have their arrows poised. Hearts from tiny to gargantuan … Continue reading

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Love a Writer Day

Have you loved a writer today? Writers usually need to write more than they need food or sex. Writers prefer to be writing as much or more than anything in their lives.  Writers need the feel of the pen or … Continue reading

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Tuning Up

We are old, now, my wonderful love … older than that holler between the hills where first we met and I heard you makin’ music and just knew I had to have you by my side. You have aged a … Continue reading

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