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5 Fun Ways to Deal with Creditors

I’m not quite sure how to categorize this post. It feels as though it should be a “rant” or a “complaint,” but I’m neither ranting or complaining! For ease of reference, I guess we’ll call it a rant anyway, Dear … Continue reading

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Toys’r’NOT’us … I’m No Longer a Toys’r’Us Kid!!!!

Alas, Dear Reader, the KH feels compelled to post yet another rant.  (I should learn to never say never or to never say I’m not going to write another post before this or that date.) This one, however, may be … Continue reading

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Social Security: Not Social, Not Secure

Alas, Dear Reader, the KH must subject you to yet another rant.  Only two weeks apart.  My apologies, but please bear in mind that reading this may guarantee your safety, as I am about to explode if I don’t tell someone and … Continue reading

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I’m Eating Rant Soup Today !!!!

The attempt to maintain my reputation for virtuousness and positivity is wearing a bit thin, so today I shall give in to those little voices yammering in my ears and post some negativity for a change!  Call it venting, or … Continue reading

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WalMart: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

“Each WalMart store should reflect the values of its customers and support the vision they hold for their community.” ~~ Sam Walton, Founder of WalMart Oh brother.  We are in trouble ! If my local (Stuart, FL) WalMart “reflects the … Continue reading

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“It is in the Shelter of Each Other that the People Live.” ~ Irish Proverb

I liken this bureaucratic nightmare journey — this sometimes insufferable quest that I have been on to finally achieve the cancer treatment prescribed for me two months ago —  to an unplanned trek through the Himalayas. When first you are … Continue reading

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Toward a New American Grammar?

Our friend Cathy — who made a midlife career change several years ago and became  a middle-school <shudder> teacher — has many admirable qualities, among them an appreciation of the written word and gud speling.  Eons ago, when both her daughter and ours … Continue reading

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