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Social Security: Not Social, Not Secure

Alas, Dear Reader, the KH must subject you to yet another rant.  Only two weeks apart.  My apologies, but please bear in mind that reading this may guarantee your safety, as I am about to explode if I don’t tell someone and … Continue reading

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I’m Eating Rant Soup Today !!!!

The attempt to maintain my reputation for virtuousness and positivity is wearing a bit thin, so today I shall give in to those little voices yammering in my ears and post some negativity for a change!  Call it venting, or … Continue reading

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On Research, Google and Medical Destinations,LLC

(Cartoon stolen indiscriminately from a 4-year old blog.  So shoot me.) To the detriment of my “serious writing” (my poor works-in-progress that languish in “saved as,” unattended-to, unloved, unfinished !!!), I sometimes get carried just a wee bit overboard when … Continue reading

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