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This week, we’re thrilled to introduce to you author Sable Grey who recently published her thirtieth title! In addition to being a prolific writer, Sable also writes across multiple genres and we’re sure that you’ll enjoy reading what she has to say. So, grab a cup of coffee or pour yourself a cold brew — beverages are always on the house — pull up a chair, and enjoy!

Sable, at what age did you first realize you wanted to write books and how/when did you first share this ambition with “the world”? I was about nine when my mother, in an effort to get me out of her hair, told me to go write a story about a duck, a rock, and a fork.  Hours later I came back with a story called The Duck, the Rock, & the Fork.  I’ve been writing ever since.

Who in your life and what authors you read had the most influence over your decision to write? I was an avid reader as a child.  Both my parents ate books daily, so while I chose Trixie Belden, Little House books, and Hardy Boys on our weekly trips to the bookstore, I also read what they read:  Stephen King, Piers Anthony, Louis Lamour.  But I didn’t fall in love with romance until 1993 when I read Iris Johansen’s Wind Dancer series.  After that, anything she or Betrice Small wrote, I read.

 Who are your favorite authors? Iris Johansen is still my all time favorite romance author.  And I think Stephen King has a brilliant mind.  I’m still a big fan of Piers Anthony’s Xanth novels.  Since I’ve been in the industry myself, I’ve discovered other authors that I enjoy as well.  Kaye Spencer, Deanna Lee, and Donna Grant are brilliant storytellers and I recommend any of their books for a good read.

You have, so far, created several different book series, as well as a few stand-alone books. Can you tell us a bit about each of the series? Yeah, I’m the one with the great idea of starting several series so it takes me forever to get around to the next book in each of them.  LOL  First I have the Heart of the Wolf Trilogy at Total EBound.  (The third book in the trilogy is in the works).  These books are about brothers in a shipping company during the Regency period.  Yep, they are wolf shifters.  The first is called His to Want.  It’s about Cadence Hurst who, in desperation after hearing of her husband’s death, goes to Victor Ashton and strikes a pretty scandalous bargain with him as a means of paying her husband’s debts.

The second book in the trilogy is called His to Have and is about Elle who tries to escape the life of a slave.  I love this character because she is feisty and pretty street smart and a perfect match for Michael Ashton (Victor’s brother).  She forces her way into his life and tries to blackmail him.

Another series that is underway is my Charlotte’s Brides series.  This series is an American historical about the women of Charlotte Oberman’s bride placement business.  Currently, there are three available in the series but I have plans for more and the next few are already in the works.

 Charlotte’s Brides: Danielle When Danielle Witmore enters a mail-order bride arrangement with a wealthy widower, Alistir Driscol, it’s all business until his family unexpectedly shows up and they must feign being in love.  Their pretense leads to a passion that could end, however, when someone tries to blackmail Alistir and Danielle must ask for help from an ex-lover to clear her husband’s name.

 Charlotte’s Brides: Vivian Vivian just knows that she is being sent to be the new bride of a man as detestable as the dusty town he lives in.  She doesn’t expect Corde Ashley or the wickedness she discovers within him and herself.  Corde thinks he’s sending for a new bride for his son but Vivian Bardsley and his son have different plans.  When she turns his world and his lust upside down, he must decide if he will let her go or hold on to her forever.

 Charlotte’s Brides: Sophie It has taken Hagan Von Albrecht years of practice to keep emotionally and physically removed from his work so that he remains professional during his sessions with his female patients.  However, one session with his new assistant, Sophie Rosette, who he found through a mail order bride business, and his cool resolve is shattered.  When he finally succumbs to her sweet desire, a man from Sophie’s past threatens to take her away from him.

 Your writing spans several genres, including historical romance, paranormal historicals, fantasy fiction, historical romance, and erotic romance. Which genre do you prefer to write and why? Historical romance and paranormal historical romance are my favorite genres to write.  While I completely flunked history in school, I discovered years later that I actually had a deep interest in history and genealogy.  In Christy’s Ghost, theMonroe family is actually loosely based on my own family in the same time period.  My very first publication was a historical with Liquid Silver Books, The Pirate’s Jewel.  While I do have contemporaries and write them from time to time, my heart belongs with history.

I wrote a fantasy fiction called The King’s Sword that I have plans to write a sequel to.  I like the fantasy genre because anything can happen.  My favorite part of writing that story were the Harpies.  I’ve always been interested in mythology so it was fun to actually pull from that interest and create a story.

Is there another genre you’d like to try and what attracts you about that genre? I would love to try my hand at horror some day.  I love Stephen King and his influence is evident even in some of my romance titles, because I don’t shy away from darker scenes.  A good example of this is in The Warrior’s Heart.  There are some pretty dark and twisted scenes in the book.  I could have easily turned the vampire and wolf shifters into something much darker and added more horror elements.

Do you have any new or upcoming releases you’d like to tell us about? Currently, I’m involved in Chapter by Chapter competition with Kay Spencer.  Each week we post a new chapter to our novels on our websites and invite readers to comment.  She’s writing a book called The Comanchero’s Bride, a western romance with a villain that I absolutely HATE.  LOL  I’m writing a historical set during the American Revolution called Heart of the Storm.

My newest releases: Cloaked in Moonlight.  It’s a short erotic romance set in Regency England about a woman and the man she’s always had a crush on.  She thought she knew him well but when it’s revealed that he’s a wolf shifter, she must come to terms with it or run away as fast as she can.  It’s available at Cobblestone Press.  This title marks my 30th title.

 Insatiable.  This is a very short but probably the hottest thing I’ve ever written.  It’s also a wolf shifter historical, available at Breathless Press.

The recent popularity of E. L. James’ “50 Shades of Grey,” an erotic fiction paperback that made it onto the NY Times Bestseller list and made its author a household name, has led to increased demand by women readers for erotica. In your opinion, do women readers want erotica that’s different from erotica read by men? Do you think the current increased demand for erotica is just “a flash in the pan,” or do you predict that this genre will continue to grow in popularity? You know, to be honest, I believe the entire gasping over erotica and erotic fiction is laughable.  Sex sells.  It always has.  The reason it’s so shocking now is because it’s women buying the genre instead of men.  Oh my, really?  Women read about sex?  The shame of it all!  LOL

I think the difference between the erotic material that men read and what women read is genre preference. I mean, look at the Longarm books.  Those are westerns where the hero fights the bad guys and gets all the girls.  It makes sense that men would choose that sort of erotic fiction over Ellora’s Cave erotica with the women and men falling in love with one another.

If I thought erotic fiction a flash in the pan, Deanna Lee and I would have never started Cobblestone Press.  I believe with the world now online and comfortable with purchasing downloadable formats discreetly through Amazon or their favorite publisher sites that erotic fiction is here to stay.

 If you could pick another author’s character and use him or her as a character in a novel of your own, what character would that be and in what type of setting would you write about him or her? Now, that is a very difficult question.  I mean, when I think of all the books I’ve read and characters I’ve fallen in love with, it’s difficult to choose just one.  I’m fairly certain a popular answer among romance authors would be Mr. Darcy so I’ll skip him (though that image of Colin Firth coming out of the water is there forever tempting us to write the dirty that should have happened).  Kaye Spencer wrote a book called Lonely Places.  I absolutely loved Beau Hyatt.  I could totally write a western romance with him.

 You poll your readers and ask them to list five words that best describe your novels. What top five words would they list? Character-driven & emotionally charged sex LOL  Okay I have no idea.  Those are my five words about my novels.

Are you more “a dog person” or “a cat person,” and what kind of canine or feline assistance with your writing do you receive, if any? I’m more of a dog person, though I do have both cats and dogs.  I have three canine children and three feline children around whom my entire day is scheduled.  I have to work in writing between entertaining them.

 You’re admitted to heaven and you decide to throw a dinner party to celebrate your arrival.  What five people, living or dead, are on your guest list? This is a comedy right?  Because in reality they won’t take me in heaven and the devil is scared I’ll take over; it’s best if I just continue my attempts to take over the world and live forever.  But the five that I would share a world domination celebration dinner with are Deanna Lee (we’re already teamed up on this project anyway and she would be pissed to be left out of this scenario), Dean Martin (he can bring the drinks), Kaye Spencer (so we can drool over Dean Martin together), Sam Elliot (So in the end I get Dean all to myself by giving Kaye her dream guy), and William Shatner in the event that we need to take over other worlds as well as our own.  Yes, that’s right, I’m a Star Trek nerd.  And?

Where can you and your books be found on line – would you share your links with us?

Sable Grey website:

Sable Grey on Amazon:

Liquid Silver Books:

Breathless Press:

Cobblestone Press:

Ellora’s Cave:  (writing under the name Amon Bieste)

Sable Grey, Author Biography: Sable Grey resides in the deep south of the United States with her artistic husband, three very spoiled dogs, and three crazy cats.  She spends her free time researching family genealogies, designing cover art, watching movies, and reading.

With authors like Stephen King, Piers Anthony, and Iris Johansen, it’s no mystery where the inspiration to write tales of love, adventure, and thrillers come from.  Sable is dedicated to her craft and to bringing her readers quality fiction with unforgettable characters.

10 Things you might not have known about Sable Grey

  1. I have three tattoos (Quill and a dragonfly on the back of my left shoulder and a ring of elephants around my left ankle)
  2. I hate the movie It’s a Wonderful Life
  3. My favorite movie is The Shining
  4. I love to cook
  5. Elephants are my favorite animal.  I have a collection of well over 1000 elephant figurines and knick knacks.
  6. KFC is my favorite fast food.  I’m southern so I have to love fried chicken.  It’s the law.
  7. I’m an Aquarius with a Cancer moon, which basically means I say what I think and feel bad about it later but not so bad that I apologize because it was the truth.  LOL
  8. By nature I’m a pack rat but every couple of months I watch an episode of Hoarders which creeps me out so much that I throw stuff away.
  9. Four of my pets have western themed names.  Marshall Dillon, Miss Kitty, & Doc (from Gunsmoke) and Pocahontas (so I could have cowboys and Indians).  The other two are an orange tabby called Zed, who my step daughter named after a character in a book, and Amber who I wasn’t sure we were going to keep so I called her Amber because of the color of her kitten eyes.  They are now green.  *sigh*
  10. I play on a pool league and love to sing karaoke poorly
The E-Pub PUB thanks Sable for a fun interview and wishes her much continued success with her writing career!

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6 Responses to The Many Writing Worlds of Sable Grey

  1. Eden Connor says:

    What an enjoyable interview! Nice to get better acquainted with Ms. Gray. Thanks, Candice, for a job well done 🙂

    • cwc6161 says:

      Eden, thanks for the visit and your nice comments 🙂 It’s good to know that Sable’s interview is as enjoyable for my readers as it was for me to do!

  2. Troy Lambert says:

    We love us some Sable Grey! It was nice to learn more about you!

  3. madisonjohns says:

    What a great post. It’s great to find out more about Sable. Wow, what accomplishments! It’s inspirational for someone like me who has just published her first novel.

    Erotica: Women have been reading trashy books for as long as I can remember. The difference now is that they can get away with using bad words to describe certain parts of the anatomy.

    History: I aced history, but I couldn’t tell you one historical event in detail if I tried. We all have to do research. I’m so impressed by any author who writes anything dated because I know you have to do the research or somebody will be all over you in the form of reviews.

    Sable is always so super nice and helpful! Thanks for sharing Sable!

    • cwc6161 says:

      Thanks, Madison!

      This really was a fun interview and I agree with everything you said about Sable 🙂 And yes, my gosh, the accomplishments! Thirty titles to-date! Depending upon when I think about it, it’s either inspirational or frustrating! lol

      As for erotica, the attention the mainstream news is paying to it since the publication of 50 Shades of Grey is hysterical, and I loved Sable’s take on the whole thing.

      History? yikes, my worst subject — and now I regret not having paid more attention. I’d love to tackle a Regency or other historical period novel, but the research is a bit overwhelming just to think about.

      I know Sable will be happy that you enjoyed her interview!

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