This Week’s Author Writes About the Son of a Mobster — and More!

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Our guest author this week is Janet Sierzant, whose memoir “Gemini Joe, Son of a Mobster,” follows the life of a New York family through three generations. The multi-faceted author, however, also has published three volumes of poetry,  two novels, and three children’s books, and has a non-fiction book underway! So, grab a cup of coffee or pour yourself a cold brew — beverages are always on the house — pull up a chair, and enjoy!

Janet, at what age did you first realize you wanted to write books and how/when did you first share this ambition with “the world”? I didn’t realize that I wanted to write books until I was over fifty years old. I had gone to college to study international affairs and business and ran my husband’s exhibit company for twenty years.

 Who in your life and what authors you read had the most influence over your decision to write? I guess my father had the most influence over my decision to write, but I have always been a logger and have kept journals of my own memories events in my life, such as travel, and my thirty year marriage.

Please tell us about your memoir, Gemini Joe, and how you came to write it. I started writing Gemini Joe after my father sent me some tapes about his childhood memories. I thought it would be a good story.


Do you have any Works in Progress (WIPs) we may look forward to soon? Yes, I just finished my second novel Searching for the Shire. The synopsis is as follows: When Amanda Marsella makes the difficult decision to leave the security of a twenty-year marriage, she is forced to deal with her fear of being on her own. After losing everything, she tries to rebuild her life, but someone from her past is watching. As a housewife, she was protected from the outside world. Now, there is no place to hide. Her life begins to unravel and she is thrown into a world of jealousy, obsession and revenge.

I am also trying to complete my third children’s book, Always a Princess. I wrote it for my granddaughter, Arabella. It’s about a little girl who wanted to be a princess. One day, she cut off her hair, not realizing it couldn’t be put back. She didn’t feel like a princess anymore until she discovered that some princesses have short hair.

 You are a multi-faceted author with a memoir, a novel, children’s books, and volumes of poetry to your credit. Do you have one style of writing that attracts you more? I like to write stories that are based on true events, but I’m learning how to get creative with fictional dialogue and character development.

 Is there another genre you’d like to try and what attracts you about that genre? I would like to try writing a fictional novel that will stretch my imagination and isn’t based on anything other than the imaginary people in my head.

 Also, I do plan to write a non-fiction book on borderline personality disorder. It was actually the first book I ever started, but I have since put it away. I will go back after one or two other books that are crowding my head.

 There is a French influence in your background. Can you tell us about that? I studied French when I attended Kennesaw University and have traveled to Paris about six times. I had always intended to become fluent in the language, but alas, all these English words are overpowering my brain right now. I write better than I speak…and I speak better than I understand. Don’t know why. But anyway, I decided that all my poetry will be written in both English on the right side and French on the left. My first poetry book, Amour d’hiver, won the 2009 Paris Book Festival Award in New York.

 Who are your favorite authors? I don’t think I have a favorite. It depends on what mood I’m in or what genres I’m writing in.

 If you could pick another author’s character and use him or her as a character in a novel of your own, what character would that be and in what type of setting would you write about him or her? I’d write about Scarlett O’Hara and put her in New York City.

 You poll your readers and ask them to list five words that best describe your novels. What top five words would they list? I hope they would say, interesting, riveting, emotional, satisfying, poignant.

 Are you more “a dog person” or “a cat person,” and what kind of canine or feline assistance with your writing do you receive, if any? Meow! I am definitely a cat person. I wrote My Purrfect Persian for Gizmo and I have another in the works (on hold) called Riley, the traveling cat. He’s still on the journey with me so I can’t finish yet.

 You’re admitted to heaven and you decide to throw a dinner party to celebrate your arrival.  What five people, living or dead, are on your guest list? Oprah Winfrey, Hilary Clinton, Tammy Faye, Martha Stuart and Jesus.

 Where can you and your books be found on line?

 Author Biography for Janet Sierzant: Janet Sierzant was born in Brooklyn, New York. After moving to Georgia, she graduated from Kennesaw State University with a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree. She now lives in Florida and is a member of the Florida Writer’s Association and the Treasure Coast Writer’s Guild. 

The E-Pub PUB is happy to have interviewed this talented author. We thank Janet for her time and wish her much success with her works in progress!

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8 Responses to This Week’s Author Writes About the Son of a Mobster — and More!

  1. Another inspiring interview, Candice, thank you. Can we ask questions? Is “the shire” a reference to Tolkien? On a separate note — Wait, did I miss something? Wouldn’t be the first time. I love the spiffy new blog design, but is KH no more??? or is she employed over at that medical airline you fun in your spare time?

    • cwc6161 says:

      Thank you, Serena! And you absolutely always may ask questions — I asked the author and she said that “shire” is, indeed, a reference to Tolkien!

      lol I suppose you could say that the KH is more an employee of Air Cancer these days, although in her off hours she does manage inspire a rant or two in other areas of the blog 😉 Glad you like the new design!

  2. ronfritsch says:

    Good post, Candice, as usual.

  3. What an inspiration, a lifetime of experiences pouring itself gently into her work and even her granddaughter benefitting. I think my daughter needs to read that book, short curly hair isn’t ugly!

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