Save a Tree, Read an E-Book! It’s Read an E-Book Week!

Ok, sometimes I do miss important dates and I’m a few days late reminding you that March 4-10 is Read an E-Book Week. You still have time, though, to read an e-book or two before the week is officially over. If you don’t have time to read before the 10th, we’ll congratulate you for staying in the spirit of things by downloading some e-books 🙂  To get you started, I’m going to recommend some e-books that already come highly recommended!

Here, I must give credit where credit is due by making yet another admission: I, um, borrowed the E-book Week image from author C.j. Ellison. Without her permission. From Facebook. Hopefully, C.j. is the forgiving kind, and to encourage her to grant me absolution, I encourage you to hurry and jump to her Facebook page and click on that same image. If you click on the image on C.j. Ellison’s Facebook Page, you’ll find that she’s giving away e-books! That’s right, giving away. And, since C.j. writes across multiple genres, including the Vampire Vacation Inn series (also abbreviated as the VV Inn — love it!) , you’ll have a lot from which to choose! The VV Inn definitely looks like a fun romp 😉

My FB author friend Adele Crouch just finished reading author friend Matt Chatelain’s The Caves of Etretat (The Sirenne Saga) and liked it enough to give it a 5-star review and to leave a FB comment, in which she wrote, “I just finished a great book by Author Matt Chatelain. I wasn’t sure about it, at first, since it is a little out the scope of my genre. However, I am more than glad I read it! Of course, I had no choice but to give it a 5 star review on Amazon. Yes, it was THAT good!”

I, myself, am a great fan of series, and Caves is the first in a four-book series. Here’s a brief description: “In 2007, Canadian bookstore owner Paul Sirenne is suddenly thrust into a quest for answers, when his parents are found brutally murdered, their bodies cut up and shaped into the letters H.N. Finding a note inside his father’s copy of ‘The Hollow Needle’, by Maurice Leblanc, Sirenne is determined to uncover the roots of his long-forgotten family secret. He heads to the town of Etretat, France, on the trail of a hundred year old mystery hidden in the pages of the ‘Hollow Needle’. ” (Note to self: Add this to ever-growing list of books to be read.)

Author friend Bette Lee Crosby’s Spare Change is my final recommendation — for today 😉 Bette Lee keeps winning award after award for her writing, and this book is no exception. Not only did Spare Change win a Royal Palm Literary Award, First Place in the Reader’s View Literary Awards Competition for both General Fiction and Southeast Regional Fiction, but it also just won The Jack Eaton Best Book in Contemporary Drama Award (a cash award! woo hoo!).

Here’s what Seattle Post Intelligence said: “Spare Change is a quirky mix of Southern flair, serious thoughts about the important things in life, the madcap adventures of a young boy and a late change of heart that makes all the difference in an unusually independent woman. More than anything, it is a heartwarming book which is simultaneously intriguing and just plain fun.

<sigh> So many e-books, so little time!!!!

You can’t go wrong, either, with Bette’s “Cracks in the Sidewalk,” and her current WIP is “The Twelfth Child,” for which her loyal and ever-growing group of readers is eagerly waiting!

Bette is a dear friend and a fellow member of our local writers’ critique group and gifted me her book awhile back. It really, really is next on my to-read stack! I promise, Bette!

So, what are you waiting for? Save a tree — or a few! Read an e-book!

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  1. Great comments as per always.

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