Be as Noble as You Were Meant to Be!

Occasionally, I re-blog something. I’ve never before shared someone’s entire status update from Facebook. There’s always a first time, and today is that day. My FB friend Craig Murray posted an update that needs to “go viral.” With his permission, I reproduce it here in its entirety. Oh, and if you’re on Facebook, drop by Craig’s Facebook page and leave him a note to thank him, then hit that share button and share it with your friends!

We have two choices in life, in love, in politics, in anything we do. We can cling to a past that never was. We can dream of times that never occurred and are seen only through the rose-coloured lenses of artifice and want. We can attempt or demand to fabricate a reality that never has been and never should be. Or …

We can advance, we can progress, we can move ahead. We can use the past only as a tool to learn from and instead focus on the glorious and noble future we can attain. We can aim for greatness, for progression, for an advancement of all of us both as individuals and as a people. These are the choices we need to make.

One will lead us into a brighter future, the other will drag us back into a past well forgotten.

This is what we are all facing just now. Two forces, unaligned, divided. One keeps clawing to a misery that is unwanted. They use hate and fear as their tools, lies as their armour, ignorance as the blanket to blot out the sun. These people have no place in the future, no room at the table of the advanced and the good.

Nothing is perfect, nothing will please all completely, but it is a simple and easily understood set of concepts that will define a great future.

We must seek and demand equality for all. Not special rights, but true, equal rights.

We must define a future based on fact and truth, not superstition and hate.

We must discard those things and ways that have shackled us, limited us and reduced us and instead choose new paths. These paths, these ideals and these goals may be a little scary at first. There is pain in birth, but the end result will be worth it.

If you hear a person whose demands are to live as they have always lived, to think as they have always thought, then feel pity for them in their ignorance. They are too fearful, too limited, too weak to grow and advance. If you hear a person who cries only to keep doing things the same way, then understand they will offer nothing to the future. They are a sea anchor slowing down the passage of this great ship. The responsibility lies with all of us, each and every single man, woman and child. Every person who holds authority, who wears a badge, who wields position must make a determination that “What I do, I do for the greater good, I do from nobility, from honour, from ethics. I will deserve the trust I hold, I will not become part of the evil that constantly threatens the good.”

Those without authority, the demand is just as great. You must do the same in your own way. You must say, “I will not tolerate injustice or cruelty. I will not tolerate the petty and the save, the fear mongers and the spewers of hate. I want a better world and I will create it in small steps if need be. I will not wrap myself in fear, I will not hold greed or avarice to be my goals, I will neither allow the strong to victimize the weak nor the weak to victimize the strong. I will be good, I will be noble and I will look to that distant horizon of perfection.”

We know things are not as good as they should be. We know there are some things that are very, very wrong. We can change them with a word or two. We can change them by simply telling one friend “This is not acceptable” and having that friend say the same. We can change them by being heard, by joining together and by taking part in our society. Ignore the fools who spend all their time screaming and moaning and taking sides.

There is only one side. There is only one group. There is only our humanity, our kindness, our compassion, our intelligence and our humour. These are the tools by which we free ourselves, by which we build a better world. Not ignorance, not superstition, not clinging to the past and not proving our savagery. We will only make a better world by choosing to be part of a better world.

Be as noble as you were meant to be. Be as good and kind as you were always intended to be. Be the hero you were born to be.

Craig Murray

9 March 2012

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12 Responses to Be as Noble as You Were Meant to Be!

  1. A beautiful piece of writing, I enjoyed every word. Write on, may the night be your friend for you both have exciting thoughts to bring to the light of day.

  2. Archon's Den says:

    This is a powerful and lucid piece, engendering deep thought and powerful emotion. It mirrors my thoughts and feelings, but does so with levels of strength and clarity I could not hope to reach. Thank you, Hermudgeon, for sharing this with us, and thanks and congratulations to Craig Murray, for penning such an optimistic and uplifting paean of hope.

    • cwc6161 says:

      You’re very welcome, Arch! It’s nice to know that your reaction to Craig’s piece was much the same as mine 🙂 Take good care, my friend!

  3. Ron Fritsch says:

    I agree with every word of this. Thank you Craig and Candice.

  4. Karen Fuchs says:

    Congratulations Craig .. hope this spreads …. love and peace need to be shared wide and far in our world … XX And THank you Candice for this blog and sharing the love !

  5. denisegabbard says:

    Nice post, Craig. Yes, it is ridiculous the way everyone fights over who has the best way to arrive at the same place. So much that is wrong today can be solved with two words– campaign reform. Think what elections would be like with all the special interest money involved– the rich could no longer buy power, and the “people” would again have a real voice in how our countries are run.

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