What Kind of Cupcake Are You?

I recently took a brief quiz entitled “What Kind of Cupcake Are You?” on writer friend Madison Johns’ blog. After submitting my responses, I received my answer:

White Hot Chili Pepper Cupcake

White Hot Chili Pepper Cupcake

You are a White Hot Chili Pepper cupcake – white chocolate cake spiked with cayenne pepper, topped by vanilla frosting.

You are a decisive and fearless planner. While you are engaged and social, you tend to be somewhat self-centered (a few people would say that you are arrogant.) You are emotionally stable and analytical. You finish most things that you start. You do not like to compromise.

Your preferred careers include surgeon, professor, FBI agent, political scientist, or systems analyst.

What Kind Of Cupcake Are You?

The results are surprisingly similar to results from other personality quizzes I’ve taken.  Better yet, they describe not only what kind of cupcake I am, but also what kind of reader I am!

In addition to writing, I have spent the last several months of my journey into Authorland doing a lot of reading. My reading has opened my eyes to any number of things about the craft of writing and the world of publishing, but also to what it means to be a reader.

Writers are readers who have taken the next, bold step into their ongoing, lifelong romance with books.  Even before they first learn to make crayon marks on wide-ruled paper, writers are, first and foremost, bibliophiles.

Our journeys begin early on, when we first are read to and then graduate to reading by ourselves.  Even fifty-something years later, I can remember the thrill when I first was able to read to one or both of  my parents as they listened admiringly to their little prodigy.

Books became, for me, my first-class ticket to trips to far-off lands and beyond! A good book was a refuge, a hiding place, an adventure and a companion, all in the same bright package.  Even a new textbook at school, particularly a workbook with its ink-and-paper fragrance, was a cause for joy.

My poor mom often had trouble getting me up for school because I had spent time, after our good-nights were said, reading with a flashlight under the bed covers.  This reading in the prone position continues to be a habit, and I’m never so snuggly-content as when I’m in a freshly-made bed with the reading lamp on, a kitty-cat close by one side and a good book (or my trusty Nook) in my hand.

When it comes to reading, I am indeed a “decisive and fearless planner.”  In fact, for 2012, I’ve allotted reading times on my planning calendar. With my schedule, it’s the only way that I’ll be able to get any reading done. And I’ll forego food before I ever forego reading!

As a reader, am I “engaged and social”? I suppose that I am.  I enjoy discussing books with other readers — often my friends Cathy and Lisa and I spend a part of our monthly girls’ get-together discussing our latest good reads.  My friend Marcia and I also swap titles of good books we’ve read.  On Facebook, I have a number of friends, writers in particular, who enjoy talking about the books they’re reading.

I suppose the “self-centered” and “arrogant” parts are true, too, when it comes to my reading.  I read for me, and not because a book is on some best-seller list or was recommended by someone.  Try as she might, my mom (and most others) can’t convince me to try an author or a title that doesn’t interest me.  There are certain genres of books that I just can’t abide! Believe me, though, I do try once in awhile to step out of my usual preferences. Once in a great while, I must admit to being surprised and enjoying a book in a non-preferred genre.

Am I an “emotionally stable” reader? I like to think so, but I believe that’s because the “analytical” description also is true.  When a book’s contents are emotional or persuasive, I’m not easily swayed one way or another by the author without taking a little time to analyze what I’ve read and to decide if it fits in with what I believe.

As to “finishing most things” that I start, that’s true, although I have been known to put down a book and leave it unread if I find it uninteresting.  With the advent of e-books, particularly those that are free or only $0.99, I’ll close up my Nook if a book can’t hold my attention!

The part about not liking to compromise is completely untrue in my reading as in my life.  I must’ve answered that quiz question incorrectly!  Ask most anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you I’m always open to compromise.

However, as I hope to translate this knowledge of myself as a cupcake and as a reader into becoming a better writer, I will say this: when it comes to writing that can truly please all kinds of cupcakes, er, readers, there never will be any compromises in my writing!

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10 Responses to What Kind of Cupcake Are You?

  1. some truly marvelous work on behalf of the owner of this internet site , perfectly outstanding articles .

  2. Archon's Den says:

    I took Madison’s quiz and found that I was a pineapple upside-down cake. No!, really, I’m a Sweet Angel, with all the respect for authority that implies.

  3. Chad Ruffing says:

    As a Newbie, I am continuously searching online for articles that can aid me. Thank you

  4. Julie Farrar says:

    Your idea of beginning to think like a reader is something I hadn’t thought of before. When I was an academic teaching in an English department all I did continually was be a reader analyzing texts. Now that I’m trying to write I’m always focusing on what a writer is supposed to do to create a text. I think as I plow through my pile of books this year I will not only read to figure out how the writer did what he/she did, but ask myself what appealed to me or confused me simply as a reader.

    • cwc6161 says:

      Actually, Julie, I can’t claim the idea as original; a group discussion made me begin thinking about the reader’s side and I thought it deserved exploration. I’m glad you agree!

  5. White Hot Chili Pepper cupcake…thank you for giving me a lovely idea for a cupcake recipe! I enjoy chocolates laced with hot peppers..I never thought (or have seen) cupcakes with cayenne pepper before. I live right around the corner from an amazing spice shop that has a pretty stellar selection on Mexican and and South American spices and cocoa. So glad to have come across this post. if I were a cupcake I suppose I would probably be a bourbon cupcake with chocolate frosting.

    • cwc6161 says:

      Yum! Leah, that bourbon cupcake with chocolate frosting sounds great (especially if it’s with dark chocolate)! I tasted some pepper-laced chocolates last year and they were surprisingly good. Thanks for your visit and I’ll look forward to hearing about your new recipe results 🙂

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