I Just Won $2.5 Million USD!! Let’s Return the Favor!!

Oh Happy Day! My ship has come in! How did I ever get so lucky? This morning, Dear Reader, I was informed by e-mail, that most secure and private of all forms of mail, that if only I will provide a few items of personal information, Reverend Pastor John Green’s working partner will begin sending me $4,500.00 USD daily until the payment of $2.5 million USD has been completed!!

Below, reproduced in its entirety, is my OFFICIAL NOTIFICATION! Aren’t you impressed and happy for me?!

But wait! The KH is so very excited!  I want to share my good news — and my wealth! — with all my friends in the blogosphere so that you, too, might possibly profit from the generosity of this esteemed gentleman!

Join with me in a very special e-mail project and FILL this Pastor’s e-mail in-box with your own personal information!

Our goal is to OVERWHELM  Reverend Pastor Green and his working partner Anthony Ekwealor with the spirit of love and generosity in our own hearts, to let him know that we care!

Here are your simple directions:

1. Create a unique e-mail account using a provider of your choice: Yahoo, Hotmail, whatever floats your boat.

2. Open a new e-mail using your new account, addressing it to westernunionmoney27@yahoo.com

3. Cut and paste the following message into the new e-mail:


Dear Mr. Johnson Kuta:  I want to receive my $4,500.00 USD daily until the payment of $2.5 million USD is complete!

Here is my personal information:

Receiver’s Name:  Notborn Yesterday

Receiver’s Address: 100 Main Street

Country: USA

City: Anytown

Tell Number: 1-888-555-1212

Text Question: Who do you think you are kidding?

Text Answer: No one at all

Your occupation: Blogger

Your age: 45

Your sex: Hermaphrodite

Your passport: 991188227733664455-01234


You’re almost done!

4. Hit send!

5. Sit back and watch Mr. Johnson Kuta’s in-box implode! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Now, I ask you, Gentle Reader, when’s the last time you had so much fun??


Your Partner in Wealth,

The KH

PS: If you’re bored and have nothing better to do, send several e-mails!!


(Church of Latter Day Saints)
06 BP 1409 Akpakpa Domey
Cotonou, Benin Republic.Attn,My Dear Belove in Christ

How are you and your family,My working partner has helped me to send your first payment $4,500.00 to you and here is the information;MTCN: (4492584176) SENDER NAME:ANTHONY EKWEALOR,

Track it now (www.westernunion.com) I told him to keep sending you $4,500.00 daily until the payment of ($2.5 million USD) is completed and again forward them your Telephone number and adress so that they will be sure.Please,


Receiver’s Name:________
Receiver’s Address:______
Your Country:__________
Your city _____________
Tell Number:___________
Text question __________
Test answer ___________
Your occupation___________
Your age ___________
Your sex ___________
Your passport ___________

Contact MR JOHNSON KUTA to the below E-mail (westernunionmoney27@yahoo.com) and Phone.+229-99109262. Get back to me via this my private email (pastorjohngreen@w.cn) after recieving your first payment.


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6 Responses to I Just Won $2.5 Million USD!! Let’s Return the Favor!!

  1. Brenda says:

    Switch to gmail – it’s as easy as creating an account. it pulls everything over from your old account and autoredirects. Spam stays in spam. But now that you’re rich, could you loan me a few bucks? I saw these wicked boots I just have to have. 🙂

  2. Archon says:

    I don’t want to burden an already busy lady. Just a gentle reminder about Chuck’s comment on Oktoberfest, and a link you harrassed him with when you thought he was an Ontario native. I Googled him and read some of his stuff. He looks familiar, or maybe he just has one of those faces.

    Brainrants has welcomed me to his site, and KaiJay included me as a character in her blog today. I’ve arrived!! Doesn’t take much to make a small town boy from Canada happy.

    “I drove past your house last night.” “Thank you!” I drove past your house about ten years ago when my brother owned a mobile just west of Davenport and Haines City. We got on the Florida Turnpike, went past Yeehaw Junction, hit the coast near you, slid far enough west of Miami that we could barely hear the gunfire, and drove on down to Key West. I’ve swam on all three sides of Florida. First year at Daytona Beach, next year at Clearwater, the last year at Key West. If the son wins a lottery, we’ll move in near you and Chuck. Are/were you out near Snug Harbor, or somewhere a little safer inland, when the big winds blow? Not a stalker, just a map nut.

    • cwc6161 says:

      Hey, Arch! Au contraire, you’re no burden at all! Life just has its way of interfering with me, as well as with NaNo, and I didn’t get to go to our monthly Howling at the Moon open mic event (the next day) where I would’ve seen Chuck. Thus, out of sight, out of mind! Thanks for the gentle reminder:) As to the Google link, I spent fully one hour attempting to re-locate it without success. I gave up! I’m sure I’ll run across it when I least expect it.

      As to where Stuart, FL, is located, my dear Stalker, if you’ll look at a map of the great (well, relatively speaking, that is) State of Florida, and thereon locate the body of water known as Lake Okeechobee, you will find little Stuart sitting due east. Technically, the “City of Stuart” is about 7 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean; however, Martin County, which incorporates all points east within those 7 miles, including the beaches, has its butt planted right on the Atlantic where the big winds blow. In fact, we had the dubious honor of having 3 big winds visit us within weeks of one another, a few years back.

      Oh! btw, congrats on your ever-growing recognition! I’m impressed 🙂

  3. Archon says:

    My internet provider has an excellent spam blocker system. You can access it without endangering your own system and check it for just-in-case emails you might actually want, and then delete the rest. Or you can just ignore them and anything more than two weeks old automatically dies. I’ve only once got a letter from the guy in Nigeria, although, the other day I got one from some Spanish-named guy. Didn’t ask for anything, just said that this week he would be in the area on financial business. I assume anyone dumb enough to reply would be firmly on the phish-hook, so I deleted it.

    A couple of years ago, a New England college sent out all their acceptance letters electronically, to those they would allow to register. Several thousand anxiously-waiting scholars didn’t receive them because the bulk mailing was trapped in a spam filter. They went back to snail-mail.

    • cwc6161 says:

      Mine’s usually pretty good about blocking. The one from the good Reverend and another mail (also from yahoo.com) were the first two spams I’ve received for as long as I can remember. Guess I need to check my settings again. Just add that to my list of to-do’s which is growing to mammoth proportions these days! I do so enjoy the art of the kill, however; so your 2 weeks to automatic death feature wouldn’t be my favorite one! Love your anecdote about the college! lol

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