Last Night I Slept with Chuck and Leona

Ah, Dear Reader…. I knew that I could awaken you by appealing to your prurient nature with my little teaser of a title 😉  But, it’s true ! I did sleep with Chuck and Leona, and I probably will do it again tonight !

Now, before you go getting all huffy and righteous, let me explain.  First of all, just who are Chuck and Leona ? Well, for starters, they’re both quite-happily married (for many years) — Chuck to his Suzanne and Leona to her Walt.

In addition to enjoying marital bliss, each is a published author and they both belong to my local writers’ critique group.  In fact, Leona is the group leader. Not only are they published authors, but they both are quite accomplished at marketing.  Their books are available in multiple formats from hard copy to versions for Kindle and Nook.  In addition to making their books as accessible as possible, each of them has his or her own marketing tools and uses them to advantage.

This past week, when Chuck returned from his annual sojourn in the wilds of Kitchener, Ontario, I had the pleasure of purchasing from him a hard copy of his latest novel, “Served Cold.”  Autographed, no less ! 🙂  Having just finished reading my latest download to my Nook Color, last night I took Chuck’s book to bed with me and I tucked next to my pillow a lovely, full-color bookmark that Leona distributes when she appears at book signings and other events.  It features her award-winning novel, “Shadow Cay.” Ahhh, the joy of a new, “real” (hard copy) book and a pretty book mark to go with it !

You see, my jury is still out on the e-reader.  Much as I try, I can’t quite become really excited about my Nook.   I do enjoy the ease of downloading and the relatively low cost of e-books.  I also enjoy not having to put on make up and schlep to Barnes & Noble, or where ever, when I need a new book to read.

Since my preferred place for reading is in bed with a pillow doubled over to support my neck and head, I’m forced to hold my Nook in one hand with my fingers clawed around the edges to hold it in place.  Maybe it’s old age that causes the eventual cramp in that hand, but I believe there’s more to it than that !  E-readers simply aren’t cuddly like books.

I know there are those who will disagree with me 100%.  Techno-babies, in particular, who were born into this age of techno-this and techno-that and who first learned keyboarding skills in kindergarten probably adore their Nooks and their Kindles.

Those of us who were born, shall we say, a few years before the age of technology … whose elementary school memories include the smell of mimeograph fluid filling the air of their classroom as the teacher handed out tests … who remember full well when White-Out first appeared on the market … well, we adore the look and the feel and the heft and the smell of a BOOK !

A few weeks back, I thought I had come up with an original invention that would revolutionize e-readers and make them more cuddly — while making me a wheelbarrow full of money.  I was going to create a thick, padded cover that also would have a pocket for the e-reader power cord.  I ran the idea by my younger sister who I knew wouldn’t steal the idea.  While not exactly excited by my gonna-make-a-bundle thinga-majig, she nevertheless thought it might have its merits.

In passing, little Sis suggested that I look on the Etzy website where people blessed with the talent to create home-fabricated goods gather to sell their wares.  Alas and alack, my invention is not original.  Far from it.  There must be 1,000 versions of “my idea” on Etzy.  Among them, I found a most-clever version that I shall be ordering soon.  Take a look for yourself:

It’s a Nook Pillow !! Now, how cute, and how clever and how cuddly is that ?!? And it comes in your choice of fabrics 🙂  So soon, I’ll be sleeping with Chuck and Leona again, but this time there will be a pillow between us !

PS: For anyone interested in viewing details about the pillow on Etzy, here is the seller’s link:

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10 Responses to Last Night I Slept with Chuck and Leona

  1. Archon says:

    Thought I had it all figured out, and then came back and found I didn’t, either. With Brainrants providing addresses, but no direction, I visited five or six of his blogroll sites. By the time I was done I couldn’t remember who was who. It being 4:46 AM didn’t help any. When I returned and submitted my comment and your site registered it as 8:46, I realized that you are 4 time zones east of me. Five actually, because I’m on Daylight Saving (not SavingS, you can’t put it in a coffee can or bank. It just irks me!) Time. Ah, I said, you’re the one in Ireland. But wait, you write about Obamacare. Curiouser and curiouser, now I’m really contused. Don’t believe much in religion, so I won’t pray for you, but I will send my best wishes and a hope that you will be able to continue blogging for a long time yet.

    • cwc6161 says:

      Re-hi, Arch! Wow, 2 visits in one day. I’m honored. Well, I know one was a follow-up to your detective work, but still….

      In any case, yes, I’m far, far away from the wilds of Kitchener, Ontario. My year-round residence is in Florida. I’m even a native, although I’ve also lived in Long Island, NY, MA, and Germany, as well as several different places in FL.

      How’s the chauffeuring going? I haven’t had any further medical “experiences” this week, but with chemo due again next week, I’m sure that will change soon. Take care and see you soon !

  2. Archon says:

    I have lived in the wilds of Kitchener, Ontario for 45 years. What was Chuck doing here during his sojourn? How far from it are you? The Kitchener Public Library now has facilities for borrowing e-books. You enter your card number online or go to a branch and swipe it on their computer. You are then permitted to download a book. The text is accompanied by a self-timing self-destruct program. After just over two weeks, the shredder program turns it into indecypherable hash. Downloading to another computer just carries the auto-destruct program which is already counting down. I suppose a good hacker might be able to separate one from the other, but it would hardly be worth the effort. Credit this visit to Brainrants. I hope to return occasionally.

    • cwc6161 says:

      Hey, Arch! Welcome back 🙂 Sorry for the late response. I’m participating in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), and it’s a bit nuts around here right now.

      Anyway, Chuck and his wife are longtime summer residents of Kitchener, and they spend their winters not too far from where I live in Florida. Good to know about borrowing e-books. I’ll have to check that out (no pun intended) at my local library!

  3. Jarryd says:

    Very nice. I haven’t made the jump to an e-reader yet. I love me some audio books =)

  4. Fredegonde says:

    Oh yes indeed I remember the lovely mimeograph smell from grade school! We called them dittos. I probably won’t be purchasing an e-reader any time soon, not unless I can borrow e-books from library, but that adorable pillow might… almost… make me change my mind.

  5. Claire says:

    That pillow is absolutely hilarious!

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