Air Cancer Flight 101 and the Secret Ingredient, Part III

Ok, so … I know you have been awaiting this update with baited breath.  Thank  you one and all for your patience !

Some of you may have noticed that yours truly, the KH, didn’t write much about chemo #2, some 3 weeks ago.  That’s because … it wasn’t quite the fun that chemo #1 was.  In fact, as I told Wonder Doc just the other day, it SUCKED.  No getting around it.  Well, not chemo day, that was fine.  But the side effects, well ! They lasted well over a week.  And they were intense.  To the point that at mid-week, in the still of yet another painful and endless night, I contemplated looking for Wonder Doc with a giant sledgehammer ! “You didn’t waaaarn me,” would’ve been the first thing I yelled at him !!

But dummy me, I had not given him the opportunity to warn me ! I asked him the following 2 questions:  1.  “Do you give the same dose of Taxol and Carboplatin each time, or are the doses gradually increased?”  His reply, “No, the doses all are equal.”  2.  (Candice in her usual stupid role of assuming stuff) “Ok, so, since I only had these 2 side effects from chemo #1, do you expect that chemo #2 will have the same side effects?”  His response was, “Yes.”  What I should have asked is, “Do you think the side effects could be more intensive and last longer?” But oh no, not me ! lol

Anyway, it’s probably just as well I didn’t ask the right questions, as it would only have served to intensify my anticipation of the worst 😉  But enough whining ! On to chemo #3, yesterday, which brought about some new events 🙂

First visit was to Wonder Doc who said my blood work looked fine and cleared me for take-off.  He also suggested I try the Ativan again for sleep but that I take 2 of ’em.  (Last night, bowing to his much-better-medically-educated experience,  I did just that … and got my first good night’s sleep in umpteen years ! Thanks, Doc !) Anyhow, we then had a brief, but interesting chit-chat about the current legal defense being waged by Michael Jackson’s former physician, including a discussion of the uses of Propofol (look it up!) and the ethics of pharmacology.  We did touch base, also, on having only 1 patient … for the paltry sum of only $100K a month. LOL Oh yeah, we discussed some stuff pertaining to my medical needs, too,  (I had to throw that in to legitimize my visit so that it is billable.)

When finally I left Wonder Doc’s office, it was only after the Infusion Suite down the hall had called twice, wondering if (a) I had showed up and (b) when was  I going to get my butt down there, because I was late.  The nerve ! They were stalking me !  So, I hurried myself down there, checked in quickly with Mary Ellen, then strolled in, looking as innocent as I could.

I was greeted warmly by Nurse Carrie … but not *the* Nurse Carrie about whom you have read ! Carrie had morphed into Carrie #2 !!!  A pretty blonde, also, but … several inches shorter, eyes a different shade of blue.  There wasn’t as much activity on-board; for some reason, this flight had fewer passengers.  So, I had my choice of seats and I appreciated their way of running an airline !  Got myself a lovely window seat, then allowed Carrie her choice of arms.  Smart girl chose my left.  And guess what ?!?! There are TWO one-stick wonders ! Carrie #2 is equally as adept as Carrie #1 at jamming a needle through your precious skin and into a vein ! So now, two of  ’em will have a “rep.”  Come to think of it, I haven’t mentioned it before, but Kathleen (at Wonder Doc’s office) also is a one-stick wonder ! They are my Holy Triumverate because I hate needles !!!

Chemo proceeded with no pain and no strain.  Our box lunch was scrumptious, as always.  Still no napkins.  (Note to MMMC upper management:  C’mon, how many of you eat with no napkin?  Considering the cost of 1 chemo infusion, could you not thrown in 1 paltry 1-ply napkin ??? But no ! you make the busy nurses run around answering everyone’s requests for paper towels ! Which probably cost you more than napkins. I rest my case.)

In any case, as I was saying before the steroids overtook me once again, the day went very smoothly.  Even ended a half an hour earlier than anticipated. Nurse Carrie came and began unceremoniously yanking the large needle out of my arm and I mentioned that I still had a half a bag of liquid hanging.  She replied, “Well, if you want the rest of that bag of saline solution, just tell me, but the chemo drugs are done and you’re really free to go!” LOL Guess what I opted for ??

One day post chemo and it’s been a wonderful, relatively painfree day.  I know that the worst may be yet to come.  But I’m going to go now and follow Wonder Doc’s advice, take 2 Ativan and plop this aging carcass into bed 🙂

PS:  Btw, have I mentioned that “Carrie” also is the name of a very interesting, albeit a bit dated now, Stephen King novel ?? Just sayin’….

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2 Responses to Air Cancer Flight 101 and the Secret Ingredient, Part III

  1. Gayle Swift says:

    Names reveal a lot about people. I suspect there’s a cause and effect relationship and, BTW, I don’t believe in coincidences. A connection is well, a link. How many degrees of separation exist between Nurse Carrie # 2 and her namesake?
    Enjoy your ativan-fueled rest and float through the night into a brighter day.

    • cwc6161 says:

      I agree that names reveal a lot about people, but … given what I remember of the Carrie in the book by that name, I’d like to speak to *my* Carries’ mothers and ask them, “What ever were you thinking ?” lol…. These ladies truly are modern-day Florence Nightengales, about as wonderful as they come ! Thanks, Gayle 🙂

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