The Low Tide-Line, Justice Gone Awry Series #1

Cranston, Rhode Island (ABC News),  April 2011:  A small town in Rhode Island is bracing for the release of a high-profile child killer this summer who is leaving prison after serving 28 years of a 40-year sentence for the grisly murder of a neighbor’s 5-year-old child.

As part of the plea deal Woodmansee was sentenced to 40 years. Now, after 28 years of good behavior, he is leaving prison 12 years early.


“At and just below the low-tide line are the hungry predators … ” Rachel Carson, Sue Hubbell – The Edge of the Sea

The nature of evil is a pattern

repeated throughout the millennia,

an incessant tide

of corruption,

flotsam and jetsam,



and incomprehensible behavior


and falling,

as unfettered impulses

rebound between

established lines in the sand,


and reflecting what lies within:

hungry predators,


lurking in the depths

at or below the low-tide line….

Opportunistic, waiting and watching predator,

you planned,

then struck.

You devoured innocence,

an innocent,

literally and figuratively


By you.

And now Justice

rewards you.

“Your behavior has been good,”

she says.

A father weeps.

CRANSTON, R.I. (CBS/AP), September 9, 2011:  A Rhode Island man convicted of killing a young boy in 1975 has been released from prison and sent to a state mental health facility after serving 28 years of a 40-year sentence.

Original art with the kind permission of Artist Rod McIver:

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2 Responses to The Low Tide-Line, Justice Gone Awry Series #1

  1. Kat Ward says:

    Wow. I especially like these lines:

    as unfettered impulses/rebound between/established lines in the sand…

    lurking in the depths/at or below the low-tide line…

    And now Justice/rewards you./”Your behavior has been good,”/she says.


    • cwc6161 says:

      Kat, thanks so much ! This type of “news” article truly disturbs me, as a social worker, as a citizen and most especially as a mother and grandmother. When something really gets to you, I think it’s far easier to pull from your own feelings that are … well, lurking beneath the depths 🙂

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