Key West, at Sunset

Your outrageous conversation

announced a flamingo party nearby

long before we caught a glimpse of your

spectacular pink….

Our human ears could only guess at your bird-words,

some soft, most loud and raucous and joyful.

You and your fellow long-legged wonders

squawked among yourselves, socializing,

enchanting us with your untranslatable discussion,

then in a flash of color revealed yourselves!

No mortal could conceive of the brilliant hues of your plumes!

No imagination could invent your unique form

at once awkward and graceful.

Cocking your tails, necks outstretched,

you arched into a stylized wing-salute before us,

revealing striking, contrasting colors.

Turning, as though prompted by

an unseen choreographer, you pivoted

slowly, then each extended a wing

and a long, slim leg on the same side

out and to your rear, balancing with confidence.

Then, satisfied that you had ensured

your admiring audience

a spectacular performance,

the three of you were aloft,

blending your flamingo pinkness

into the mauve and purpling skies

of that Key West sunset….

Watercolor “The Flamingos” by kind permission of the Artist Rod McIver and his site “Heron Dance”:  

We encourage you to explore “Heron Dance” in its entirety ! It is possibly the most beautiful site we ever have found.

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4 Responses to Key West, at Sunset

  1. ClaireMcA says:

    Love the poem and the painting, I don’t know Key West but now I can imagine it and its inhabitants.

    • cwc6161 says:

      Thank you, Claire ! Rod’s work is so inspiring and flamingos always have been a favorite bird of mine 🙂 Key West, situated at the southernmost tip of the Florida Keys is renowned for its remarkable sunsets. I’ll see if I can’t locate a picture; there must be hundreds from which to choose.

  2. Gayle Swift says:

    KH. I feel like I stood there with you sharing that magical Key West vision. You drew me in to a larger, deeper experience and have touched my soul.

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