My Official BucketS List ;)

Future planning takes on a different dimension and a bit more urgency when one is ill; however, the creation of a personal Bucket List is something I prefer to categorize as an unaccomplished New Year’s Resolution of many years’ standing ! 😉  I just never have made the time to commit to paper those things that are on my must-see/must-do/must-experience  list.

It’s just a bit intimidating to create such a list and to publicize said list, for the publication surely is a commitment to take action toward accomplishing these fondest desires.  But,  I won’t let any fear of public commitment or, worse yet, fear of failure intimidate me into not making and publicizing my list! As Confucious said,  ” Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

Because I have been blessed to have seen/done/experienced so very much during my lifetime t0-date, and because seeing/doing/experiencing leads, for me, to the desire for more, my list may be a bit long.  In the interest of organization, my list has turned out to be more of a BucketS list, with each bucket representing an area of interest or endeavor.

I present, herewith, my Official BucketS list.  Drum roll, please ! 😉

Family Bucket:  

1.  I want to successfully trace my ancestry for several generations on both my mother’s and my father’s sides of the families.

2.  I want to sit for a portrait studio of my mother, my daughter, my granddaughter and myself.

3.  I want to live long enough to see my brother and sister no longer estranged from one another.  Skeletons.  Don’t need ’em, don’t like ’em.

Foreign Travel Bucket:

I have been privileged to visit and/or live in 10 different countries.

1.  Country I most want to visit: FRANCE

1.a.  I want to visit France during Le Tour de France.

1.b. I want to tour all of the major cathedrals in France.

2. Close seconds: Italy, Croatia, Greece, Morocco, Guatemala, Peru

3. I want to take another cruise, preferably in the Mediterranean.

Domestic Travel Bucket:

I have been privileged to visit or live in 28 states.

1.  States I most want to visit:  Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming

1.a. The Grand Canyon and Mount Rushmore are “must-sees.”

2.  States I most want to re-visit:  Minnesota, Wisconsin, Tennessee

Special Events Bucket:

1.  Times Square, New Year’s Eve, to ring in the New Year.

2. The Mummers Parade in Philadelphia.

3. A concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Colorado.

4. An Elton John concert anywhere.

5. Ditto any concert by Frances Cabrel (French singer/songwriter).

6. A reading by Maya Angelou anywhere.

7.  The horse-racing Triple Crown races: The Kentucky Derby, The Preakness, and The Belmont Stakes 😉  Throw in Saratoga for good measure.

Miscellany Bucket:

1.  For once and for all, I’d like to learn more Spanish and to finally understand the difference between ser and estar.

2.  For some insane reason, despite the fact that math has been a lifelong bugaboo, I’d like to re-take and to understand college algebra.

3.  I want to complete and see published my first novel.

4. I want to become more disciplined in writing so that the first novel won’t be my last 😉

5.  I want to conduct a symphony orchestra.  I conducted our high school band a couple of times, but it’s not the same 😉 We didn’t have a string section.

6.  I want to sing The Hallelujah Chorus in a chorale again.

Spirituality Bucket:

1. To continue to believe that everything you give comes back ten-fold and to practice this belief daily.

So, there you have it.  I know that I have left out stuff that should be on here.  But hey, no one said a list has to be final.  And besides, I plan to stick around a long time to work on my BucketS list ! 😉

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2 Responses to My Official BucketS List ;)

  1. wow what a list you’ve put a lot of thought into this. I hope you get to do everything you want and then some.

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