Rick Scott and Bill McCollum: Cease and Desist !

We promise that we won’t make this a political blog.  There are enough of those — some would say “too many” — already.  However, some things just call out for comment.  For those of you who are non-Floridians, our apologies.  The two persons about whom we are going to gripe are candidates for office in Florida.  We are sure, however, that you have candidates in your home state who are equally as annoying.  Just change the names.  The men are the same.  And yes, we said “men.”  For we hold this truth to be self-evident:  the vast majority of annoying political ads seem to be from male candidates.

Ricky and Billy, we hear your mothers are calling you.  You have been in the sandbox far too long.  You are not playing nice.  We are sick to death of your smarmy TV ads.  We wish you would quit whining, name-calling and chest-butting one another.

Wouldn’t it be a unique and wonderful thing to get your message out without any negativity?  Why couldn’t your campaigns have been centered around, say, workplace mentorship … using your campaign funds to work with companies and create jobs during your campaign.  What a great legacy, even if you weren’t the successful candidate!

This Hermudgeon has a very difficult time believing in someone — or in the positive aspects of their message — when that someone’s focus is exclusively on all of the negative aspects of the opposing candidate.

So, go home, boys!!

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