Leaping Lizards! Enough Already, Geico!

We once had Geico as our automobile insurance carrier; it was during their pre-reptilian era.  We were, for the most part, satisfied with their product and their service.  For a reason we no longer remember, we migrated to another carrier some 8 years ago — cost comes to mind as the primary factor, but it may have been their unforgiving nature when it came to tickets acquired by a then-adolescent household member.

When Geico’s now-world-famous gecko first was introduced, we no longer were Geico customers and we remember having a small, silly pang of regret because we really liked said gecko.

Apparently, there have been a number of other households besides that of the Hermudgeon that have migrated away from Geico,  because Geico seems to be spending inordinate sums of money these days on advertising.  This is all well and good except for the fact that Geico’s current advertising campaign has to be some of the most annoying advertising every created! 

Geico’s current ad campaign (gecko ads aside, we still love the little guy) is so very annoying that there is no way that we would consider purchasing insurance from Geico.  Advertising seems to have a sort of reverse effect on us.  We rarely are swayed to make a purchase just on the basis of an advertisement.  However, that same corporate ad dollar certainly has the ability to persuade us to make our purchases elsewhere!

We have, in all kindness, attempted to put ourselves in the place of the creator of the ads, the copy writer, to see what he (or she) finds so persuasive or amusing or supportive of Geico’s mission to encourage the driving public-at-large to — in fifteen minutes or less, mind you — make the big switchover to gecko-brand insurance.   Beep! Sorry, it just does not compute.

So, please, Geico.  Stick with the tried and true and quit trying to fix what works.  The gecko ain’t broken, so leave him alone and just maybe you could use a little of that inflated budget you are wasting on those *other* ads to do something your insurance-purchasing public really would love:  reduce your premiums even more!

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